Big Cass went up against his former partner in crime Enzo in a “Brooklyn Street Fight” on the Raw after Summer Slam. Big Cass was essentially destroying Enzo has he usually does the whole match. When Cass went for a big boot and missed, this caused him to go over the top rope to a bad landing. After watching the slow mo replay, you can see where the injury may have happened. Big Cass was seen on crutches backstage.

“It looks like he has an ACL tear, possibly a medial meniscus tear, but we’re going to wait for the radiologist to evaluate the MRI and give us their full report” – Dr. Chris Robinson

Dr. Robinson has given an estimate that this injury may leave Big Cass out of wrestling for a minimum of 9 months. A Torn ACL is a serious injury for anybody let alone an Athlete. I hope Big Cass has a speedy and successful recovery.

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