Bernie Sanders Reveals Plan For Universal Child Care

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has revealed his plan to provide universal child care for working-class Americans.

In an interview on “60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper, Bernie Sanders talked about the proposal that would offer free child care from infancy to pre-kindergarten up to the age of 4.

“I get a little bit tired of hearing my opponents saying Gee, how you going to pay for a program that impacts and helps children or working-class families or middle-class families? How you going to pay for that? And yet, where are people saying, ‘How are you going to pay for over $750 billion on military spending?’ How you going to pay for a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the one-percent in large corporations, which was what Trump did? When you help the billionaires and you help Wall Street, ‘Hey! Of course we can pay for it. That’s what America’s supposed to be about.’ Well, I disagree.” – Bernie Sanders.

It is hard to imagine the idea of universal child care without seeing an increase in taxes for working-class Americans. Sanders means well with his policies, but He has to get realistic about how these things become reality.

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