Apple TV+ new show “Little America” is a collection of stories that are based on a true story.  The one thing that all the stories have in common is there are all about immigrants the migrated to America at some point.

Apple TV MD199LL/A (Renewed)

The Manager – This story is about a kid named Kabir that was forced to run the family hotel when his mother and father were deported back to India. 6/10 Flat Screens

The Jaguar – This story is about a Hispanic teenager named Marisol. She falls in love with the sport Squash. 9/10 Flat Screens

The Cowboy – This story is about Iwegbuna from Nigeria who is in college in Oklahoma. He has a strong liking to Cowboy culture from watching westerns when he was little. 6/10 Flat Screens

The Silence – This story is about a French woman named Sylviane. The entire episode takes place at a silent retreat. 4/10 Flat Screens

The Baker – This story is about Beatrice from Uganda who starts her own cookie business in Louisville, Kentucky. 8/10 Flat Screens

The Grand Prize Expo Winners – This story is about an Asian mother who wins a cruise and takes her kids with her.  6/10 Flat Screens

The Rock – This story is about an Iranian man who pays land that he wants to build his dream house on. The problem is the property has a giant rock on the land. 7/10 Flat Screens

The Son – This story is about a Syrian guy by the name of Rafiq. Rafiq is gay, but that is illegal in his country. He is on the quest to move to America where he can be open about his sexuality. 8/10 Flat Screens

Each episode of “Little America” is funny, heartfelt, and relatable. It really shines a light on the different obstacles that American immigrants go through.

The stories are so diverse I recommend anyone to watch this series if you have the time.  The stories may affect other people much differently than me.


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