Presidential candidate Andrew Yang

has released the details of his healthcare plan on his website for the public to view.

Yang’s approach to healthcare his a bit of a different tone than Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who want “Medicare For All“. Andrew’s plan really focuses on lowering the cost of healthcare.

“We are spending too much time fighting over the differences between Medicare for All, ‘Medicare for All Who Want It,’ and ACA expansion when we should be focusing on the biggest problems that are driving up costs and taking lives,” – Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang’s healthcare plan has a strong focus on these 6 points.

  1. Lowering prescription drug prices
  2. Investing in technology
  3. Expanding health care in rural areas
  4. Expanding mental health care
  5. Offering flexibility to providers
  6. Diminishing the influence of lobbyists

This healthcare plan shows that Andrew Yang is much more than the $1,000 cash dividend he wants to give to every American.


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