President Trump has alluded to building a wall along the border of Mexico for since he was campaigning to be president back in 2016. The Democrats have agreed to spend as much as $1.6 billion. The Trump administration is stern and will not quit until they congress approved $5 billion to build his wall.

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Trump is ready to shut down the government really soon if he doesn’t get $5 billion and not a penny less. Republicans are planning to meet with the president to discuss possible resolutions.

I don’t think there will be a government shut down, but with Trump, I don’t totally rule it out completely. Once upon a time, I heard the estimated cost to build this wall would be in the range of $10 to 12 billion. I wonder how they came to the cost-efficient $5 billion now?

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I think to have to be blind to think illegal immigration is not a problem right now. The biggest divide is how the issue is approached. For the record I am not against building a wall, I just don’t want the fellow taxpayers to pay for all of it.


3 thoughts on “Trump Wants $5 Billion To Build His Wall”

  1. Since Mr Trump has brought the US back to “prosperity” (??) and has promised his tax breaks for the wealthy would make up for the drop in taxes with the boost to the economy, why cant he simply pay for the wall from the promised surplus which was going to do away with the US debt? We can all see how well that is going by looking up the US Debt Clock right now!

  2. “with the savings alone, in insurance, in health payments, in everything that is now related to not having the wall, the expenses of caring for over an extra 300,000 illegal immigrants each year, that alone will pay for the wall in a very short time” – artfromperry
    for real, no joke…

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