There’s a 4th Powerpuff Girl

Professor Utonium seems to have a bunch of secrets. Apparently, he had another incident but this time with Chemical W. This incident created Bliss who is being introduced as the 4th Powerpuff girl. Bliss is being stamped with the label of being the original Powerpuff girl being created ten years before the trio of Powerpuff girls.

The story goes that bliss ran away in her early years due to her being so powerful that she was more harm than good for the city of Townsville. Bliss has returned and is united with her sister’s Bubbles, Butter Cup, and blossom.

I can’t help but notice that Bliss is black. I think adding this new Powerpuff girl is all apart of the show rebranding the show. It also just hit me that the Powerpuff Girls have been on TV for a long time.

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