The Clemson Tigers Rollover Roll Tide

The Clemson Tigers pulled off the upset by beating Alabama with a touchdown in the closing seconds. I can’t believe Alabama secondary gave up 420 yards. 4 different receivers had 90+ yards so Clemson was just picking Alabama apart must of the game. That final drive Alabama kept leaving their corners on an island which was a mistake by the defensive coordinator.
No pun intended but, Jalen hurt hurt Alabama in the long run. Jalen hurt looked like the moment was too big for him. If Jalen hurt extended a few more of those drives Clemson does not score 35 nor are they in a position to tie or win the game in last drive. Credit to Clemson’s defense because they had Jalen Hurt dance in that pocket pretty much the whole game.
Congrats to the Clemson Tigers, 2017 National Champions.

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