Being the big baseball fan that I am, I have been in love with the idea of the World Baseball Classic(WBC). This event is held every 4 years with 16 international teams participating.
I of course root for Team USA although they have not been very successful in this tournament. Team USA has managed to never finish above 4th place. This year Team USA will be in the championship game for the first time against Puerto Rico.
I was upset that US stars like Harper, Trout, and Kershaw elected to not play for the team USA. But I always felt it was something special about this team. Manager Jim Leyland has been managing his ass off in my opinion. Having to deal with the WBC rules and MLB teams giving Leyland instructions on what to do with their players.
The starting pitching from team USA has nothing short of amazing. I wanted to see Chris Archer start in the championship game, but it looks like it will be Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman. The Tampa Bay Rays had their own idea of how they wanted to get Chris Archer ready for opening day.
Team USA has already lost to Puerto Rico 6-5 in this Tournament. A sport that is called “America’s Pastime” has been dominated by Japan & the Dominican Republic has a chance to return home to America with international bragging right at the less.

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