Rihanna Announces Fenty Hair

Rihanna’s Fenty family just got a whole lot bigger. The multi-hyphenate mogul officially announced the launch of Fenty Hair, a brand-new line dedicated to all things haircare.

This exciting addition to the Fenty Beauty family follows years of speculation after Rihanna trademarked the name in 2021. But the wait is finally over, and according to the brand’s official Instagram bio, we can expect a range of products that “repair, strengthen, hydrate, smooth, and protect” all hair types.

A Focus on Repair and Versatility

Knowing Rihanna’s penchant for rocking various hairstyles, it’s no surprise that Fenty Hair prioritizes versatility. While specific details about the products haven’t been revealed yet, Rihanna has hinted that the line will cater to those experimenting with their hair, offering solutions for damage and breakage.

This focus on repair aligns with the overall message Fenty Beauty has championed since its launch in 2017: inclusivity and understanding the unique needs of diverse consumers.


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