REMEMBER THIS: The Best Smartphone in 2006


10 year ago the Motorola RAZR V3 was the coolest phone to have. A true revolution of its time being so thin and lightweight. The RAZR V3 had all the features we still salivate over today’s smartphone. VGA video calling, Bluetooth, expandable storage, internet browsing, camera and they even hand an iTunes version that would allow you to hold 50 to 100 songs. Motorola managed to have a strong 4 year run with the RAZR V3 model selling over 130 million phones. Let’s put that in perspective, the latest iPhone 6 & 6 Plus has sold  100 million units since 2014 and is the highest selling iPhone to date. The RAZR V3 was not cheap, it would set you back about $500 dollars to get your hands on this phone back in 2006. If you were to buy one today it may set you back $40 to $120 on Ebay or Amazon.

Do you remember this commercial on TV

Did you ever have a Razr phone?


Are employers watching what you post?

Are your future and/or current employers watching the things you post on social media? Is this even legal for employers to do?


72% of all adult internet users are on Facebook. That comes close to 3 out every 4 adult that uses the internet is on facebook. During what I call “The Great Facebook Migration” in 2008. Lots of people in my generation were moving away from Myspace in onto to Facebook. Facebook was used as an unfiltered community of friends and family. From my  view, people didn’t really have a high regard for how public their post or tweets actually were. It didn’t take very long for before businesses were able to create social media accounts. Social media has become a part of the general public’s everyday life whether your posting,reading, or promoting something.

Will what you post effect your future Job opportunities? The short answer is yes. Employers have been using Social media to determine if they will hire a candidate or not. According to CareerBuilder,some employers are using social media to research potential candidates. Employers have also eliminated potential candidates for a varies of reasons after seeing things posted. Things like saying bad things about their former company, boss, or manager to having an unprofessional screen name. The most common reason employers eliminated potential candidates was seeing a post of inappropriate photos or information. Social media also played a helping hand getting some candidates hired. The companies saw the candidate as a good fit based on their personality that they expressed on social media.

Is it legal for employers to check out your facebook before hiring you? The short answer is yes it is legal. In fact, there are currently no laws that stop employers from looking at your any of your social media accounts. However, employers can run into legal issues like discrimination. I see people post things publicly that was way too personal. If you reveal something on your social media accounts that is not asked on the application and the employer decided no to hire you based on that. The employers could face a discrimination lawsuit if it can be proven of course. The above average social media user would say just set your account to private and you can post what you want and they can’t see anything. True, but tell that to the people who employers asked for their username and password. Congress failed to pass the bill titled Password Protection Act of 2012. In 2013 6 states made it illegal for employers to ask for your social media username and password. The 6 states are Califonia, Deleware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and New Jersey.

Do you have a story about social media and your employer?

Things the Government waste money on.


When I was first introduced to taxes I always wonder what the hell the government is spending my money on. We always hear about our tax dollars going towards things like Social Security, National Security, and Medicare. I plan  to shed some light on the things we do not normally hear about the government spending money on.

Amtrak – Many people do not know this but Amtrak is owned by the United States Government as The National Railroad Passenger Corporation doing business as Amtrak. The average person would think amtrak is doing well based on the tickets prices and the large congregation of daily riders. Amtrak is actually the total opposite. Since Amtraks inception in 1971, Amtrak has NEVER finished a year where they made a profit. So how can Amtrak continue to operate for almost half a century with no profits? The Government provides Amtrak with over $1 billion a year that manage to keep the company Operating. Some believe that the Government should cut their losses and get out of the rail businesses sooner than later. I think the same can be said about the United States Postal Services, but USPS does not rely on tax dollars for operating expenses.

Akutan Airport – The Government spent $75 million on building an airport for a town in Alaska that has a population of 75. On top of that, the Airport is about 6 miles away from the town on an island. The only way for passengers get to the airport is they will have to take a hovercraft from the town over to the island. Getting there is an issue all in itself, but needing a reason to go to the airport is another. The airport doesn’t have any flight leaving or landing at the airport. So essential an airport was built for $75 million that you have to fly to get to only to find out that no flights are leaving or arriving anytime soon.

Vacant Property – The Government owns lots of territory across the United States. What the common US citizen doesn’t know is the Government have thousands of vacant properties that they pay to keep maintained. According to the Washington Post, The Government’s vacant properties has cost US taxpayers up to $8 billion. With all of this vacant property and no real motivation to sell it off, the Government still lease new office space and buildings.

I don’t get the negative views on Views


After sitting with Drake’s new album titled Views for a month, I am ready to give my critique if I may. I am a believer that you cannot truly digest an album in a day or after one listen. Some people decided to give their opinion on the album after just moments of listening to the album. The instant reaction was people being disappointed with or underwhelmed with Views. People seemed to be over the hype within days of the release. Drake did an interview with Zane Lowe a day before the release of the album. Drake stated ” I don’t want you to get it right away. If you’re able to get it right away and say ‘okay, I get it. That’s a great song.’ I don’t want that.” Drake was implying that this album was created for instant gratification.

On the other hand, people are saying they love views. I feel it’s safe to say that Views album is just a polarizing album. A lot of people love the album and a lot of people or just over it already. One thing you cannot argue is the numbers. Drake’s Views has been streaming over a billion time. Drake has 20 songs on billboards Hot 100 chart.
No. 1, “One Dance,” feat. WizKid & Kyla (up from No. 2)
No. 6, “Work,” Rihanna feat. Drake (holds at No. 6)
No. 21, “Pop Style,” feat. The Throne (up from No. 40)
No. 33, “Hype” (NEW)
No. 34, “Controlla” (NEW)
No. 38, “Grammys,” feat. Future (NEW)
No. 40, “Still Here” (NEW)
No. 44, “U With Me?” (NEW)
No. 45, “9” (NEW)
No. 47, “With You,” feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR (NEW)
No. 49, “Childs Play” (NEW)
No. 52, “Too Good,” feat. Rihanna (NEW)
No. 53, “Feel No Ways” (NEW)
No. 54, “Weston Road Flows” (NEW)
No. 61, “Redemption” (NEW)
No. 68, “Keep the Family Close” (NEW)
No. 72, “Faithful,” feat. Pimp C & dvsn (NEW)
No. 75, “Fire & Desire” (NEW)
No. 86, “Views” (NEW)
No. 89, “Summer Sixteen” (down from No. 73)

I found the album to have an ascending effect on me the more I listen to it. I start to like the tracks more and more I listen to it. My first listen to the album I just found myself cherry picking my favorite moments. A month later I can say I like 15 of the 19 songs on this album. I even found myself liking the singles a little more than when I first heard them. On my google music library, I replaced the only Drake version of Pop style with Kanye version of Pop Style. There is not doubt in my mind at all that Drake is the biggest artist in the world right now.



Why I Don’t wear Jordan’s


Since the mid 80’s Jordan’s has been the most popular basketball sneaker ever. Extremely popular in the urban community. In more recent time people actually camp outside the stores overnight just to be one of the first people to get the re-release of the Jordan sneakers referred to as the Retro Jordans. Some of these sneaker releases have caused Violence amongst consumers. Some people have even lost their life trying to get these Jordan sneakers.

Who do you blame for this behavior? Nike? Micheal Jordan? Parents? Retailers? the people involved in the acts of violence? Micheal Jordan himself has said very little about these acts of violence caused by his sneaker releases. Micheal Jordan along with brand Jordan comes off as incredibly arrogant and inconsiderate of the people that continue to buy their sneakers. Intentionally Brand Jordan is releasing limited quantity of sneakers to the retailers. So consumers are fighting to have a pair before they run out of shoes to sell. Black Friday shopping is a perfect example of what happens when you meet extremely high demand with very limited supply, you get a violent disturbance. Brand Jordan is in fact intentionally producing a low quantity for marketing reason. The lower the number of products that are produced gives the sneakers exclusivity. The more exclusive the sneakers are the more consumers want them.

The vibe I get from Brand Jordan is as long as consumers are still buying their sneakers they don’t care about what happens after that. The thing I find sad people will still buy these sneakers because they are chasing a social standard from a company that doesn’t give a shit about them. I will take intergity over fitting into a social standard everytime. If this company contunies to show a disinterest in the welfare of their consumers I will not be buying or wear a pair Brand Jordan sneakers.

3 Things I Actually Agree With Trump On

Aside of some of the radical things presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said I find myself agreeing with quite a few things he has said recently. Depending on where you get your news or updates on the presidential race, only the most outlandish comments Trumps makes are highlighted. Things like the wall around American borders and his views on Muslims in America. All things I am totally against, but I believe these are his honest feelings. I managed to take a closer look at Donald Trump and found some of his politics to my surprise find out we share some of the same views.

1. Tax Reform

Donald Trump wants to cut taxes for the middle class and eliminate tax loopholes for the wealthy. A stance that is much different from what other Republicans feel about taxes in America. Now let’s get into detail, if you’re single and make less than $25,000 a year in America you will pay no income tax under Trumps Tax Reform. That would put at least another $1,000 back in your pocket each year. Trump wants to make the tax bracket system much simpler by making 4 tax brackets instead of the current 7. You will either pay 0%, 10%, 20%, or 25% in federal income taxes. Trump wants to also have a 15% flat rate for businesses in America no matter how big or small the companies is. You can find Trumps Tax Reform on his website for more detail. 

2. Bring Back American Manufacturing

It’s no secret that some our most successful  American companies outsource a lot of jobs overseas. I stated earlier that all companies will get a flat rate of 15% for all businesses in America under Trumps Tax Reform. Trump believes this will save companies a lot of money which can potentially bring those outsourced jobs back to America. Trump would also be on board with a 45% tariff on imports from China. The 45% is a bit extreme, but you can be sure that Jobs will begin to come back to America with the price of doing business in china will be too costly for American companies. Apple is a company that comes to mind who does most of their manufacturing in china that would be affected significantly. There is a trade imbalance between America and China and it costing Americans opportunities. 

3. Legalize All Drugs

Back in 2011, Trump stated that all drugs should be legal and the tax revenue generated will be used for to fund drug education. I feel the only reason drugs are illegal is because the government cannot tax it. Look at the how much tax revenue has been generated for the states that have legalized marijuana. Colorado has generated $70 million from taxing Marijuana. I believe America Can generate billions of dollars in tax money from legalizing and taxing all drugs. If it’s fine to sell and tax tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana the other drugs should be fine as well.

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