OFF SPORTS| Rockets Willing To Trade Anybody But Harden

It has been rumored that Houston Rockets

 General Manager Daryl Morey is willing to trade every player besides James Harden this off-season.

It also has been rumored that the Rockets are also willing to give up future first-round draft picks to make the right deal happen. 

Trading Chris Paul

 makes a lot of sense for the Rockets, but what NBA team will be willing to inhale the remainder of his massive contract. Chris Paul is owed an estimated $79 million over the next two seasons. He also has a player option for the 2021-2022 season that is worth an estimated $44 million. The NBA team that trades for Chris Paul will have to have a ton of cap space. You also can’t ignore that Chris Paul is 34 and has missed 30% of his games as a Rocket due to chronic injuries. 

Clint Capela

 will be there next most valuable asset which has much more flexibility financially if traded. The problem with Capela is, I don’t see many teams that would be interested in acquiring him at a high cost. The Rockets are clearly looking to acquire an all-star level player and I’m not sure how many teams will give that up for Clint Capela and some draft picks.


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