North Korea Calls Joe Biden An "Imbecile"

North Korea clearly does not think very highly of former Vice President Joe Biden. Officials on  Korean Central News Agency called Joe Biden a “fool of low IQ”.
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“What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician” – KCNA

North Korea did not like Biden’s comment he made while at a rally in Philadelphia.

“President Donald Trump of cozying up to dictators and tyrants like Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin” – Joe Biden

KCNA dug into Joe Biden some more throwing more insults his way.

“It is by no means accidental that here is nonstop comment over his bid for candidacy that he is not worth pinning hope on, backed by the jeer that he is a fool of low IQ,” – KCNA

There is yet to be a response from Joe Biden or Biden’s camp about the quotes from North Korea.
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