NFL Black Monday 2018

The notorious black Monday is here. Black Monday is the Monday after the NFL’s week 17 that is known to see a wave of coaches getting fired. It’s time to take a look at which coaches are getting the boot.

Jack Del Rio

The Raiders firing Jack Del Rio might be the most interesting. Rumor has it that the Raiders have their eye set on Jon Gruden to be their next head coach. NFL insiders say the Raiders wouldn’t have even fired Jack Del Rio if they were not sure they had a deal to be made with Jon Gruden.
Jack Del Rio gets another coordinator job if he wants to take it, but I am not sure he gets another head coaching job in the NFL.
Jack Del Rio went 25-23 for the Raiders making one playoff appearance in 3 seasons.

Jim Caldwell
The Lions had decided to move on from Jim Caldwell as head coach. The Lions organization comes off as a little impatient to me. Caldwell actually managed to have 3 winning seasons out of the 4 years he was the head coach for the Lions. Jim also managed to make two playoff appearances. The Lions feel they have their franchise quarterback with Matthew Stafford. The next head coach of the Lions will be put right into a “win now” scenario from day one.
Jim Caldwell went 36-28 in 4 seasons for the Lions with 2 playoff appearances.
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jim Caldwell gets another head coaching job.

John Fox
The Chicago Bears have a number of problems and I am not sure John Fox is the problem. All 3 years John Fox was the head coach, the roster they put on the field indicated that the team was rebuilding. Whoever is the new coach of the Bears will inherit John Fox’s rebuilding project.
John Fox went an awful 14-34 in 3 seasons with the Bears.
I don’t think the market for John Fox as a head coach is really high right now. I can see him being a 2nd or 3rd option.
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