NBC Cancelled The Carmichael Show

I hate when shows I actually like get canceled for reason that really is not about the quality of the show. NBC announced in June 2017 that season 3 of The Carmichael Show will be the last.
It seems that NBC loved the show. but the show was not performing well enough to continue for another season.

“I think the collective decision was maybe it’s best to let the show end. I have to say personally for all of us, it’s a really hard decision that wasn’t just made on one side of things. It was one of those difficult decisions that kind of live with you for a while that you don’t feel great about because you wish it had done better. This was the situation we found ourselves in.” – Jennifer Salke  NBC Entertainment President

For me, The Carmichael Show is one of my favorite shows to watch currently on TV. I love how funny and thoughtful the show was. They talked about things in a way that just came off as brilliant. August 9, 2017, NBC will air the final episodes of season 3 for the last time.
Maybe I am being a little too hopeful, but how crazy is it that BET picks this show up for the 4th season? BET is currently in the transition of creating more original programming so I think it could be a good fit.
I’m reaching?
What do you think?

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