Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban often speaks openly about NBA politics. He recently spoke about this season’s play-in tournament for the playoffs.

Cuban also floated the idea of ranking the teams 1-20 and letting the last 4 teams play-in in regardless of conference.

“I get why the NBA is doing it,” Cuban said in a series of messages to ESPN. “But if we are going to be creative because of COVID, we should go straight up 1-20 and let the bottom 4 play in. This is the year particularly to do it since the 10 games cut were in the conference” – Mark Cuban

Cuban also got in into how this tournament affects scheduling and resting players.

“The worst part of this approach is that it doubles the stress of the compressed schedule. Rather than playing for a playoff spot and being able to rest players as the standings become clearer, teams have to approach every game as a playoff game to either get into or stay in the top 6 since the consequences, as Luka said, are enormous. So players are playing more games and more minutes in fewer days” – Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban is not wrong but is he being a little biased? His team the Dallas Mavericks is currently sitting in the 7th spot in the west and would be in that play-in tournament. If the Mavericks were a top 3 team would Cuban be saying what he is staying still? 

source https://www.offsports.xyz/2021/04/mark-cuban-not-feeling-nbas-play-in.html

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