Marcus Spears And Kendrick Perkins Have A Podcast Coming

Former NFL player Marcus Spears and former NBA player Kendrick Perkins have a new podcast coming. 

The podcast is titled “Swagu and Perk”. On each episode of the podcast, the duo will talk about sports headlines referring to the NBA and NFL. The host will use their expertise in their respective sports about each topic. 


“Can’t wait for the world to hear me and my bro Big Swagu., we’re about to bring a different flavor to the podcast world and we’ll be talking about anything and everything culturally relevant in sports, entertainment and the world. It’s about to be Cajun rubbed and deep-fried in authenticity, get your popcorn ready” – Kendrick Perkins

ESPN revealed that the podcast will premiere on October 25, 2021. 


from Off Sports

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