Joe Tessitore Joins WWE

The WWE Universe is abuzz with the news of veteran broadcaster Joe Tessitore joining their ranks. Known for his energetic and passionate commentary in college football and boxing, Tessitore is set to bring his talents to the world of professional wrestling.

A Well-Respected Voice in Sports

Tessitore, 53, is a seasoned broadcaster with a proven track record. He currently serves as the lead announcer for ESPN’s college football coverage and Top Rank Boxing. His enthusiastic style and ability to capture the drama of the moment have earned him respect and recognition within the sports broadcasting industry.

A New Challenge for Tessitore

While Tessitore’s background lies in traditional sports, he’s no stranger to the world of entertainment. He previously served as the host of the reality show “Holey Moley” on ABC. This move to the WWE allows him to showcase his skills in a new environment, calling the action of larger-than-life characters and high-octane matches.

The Role Tessitore Will Play

The official announcement from WWE didn’t specify which show Tessitore would be calling. Currently, SmackDown features Michael Cole and Pat McAfee as its lead announce team, while Raw has Corey Graves and Wade Barrett. It’s possible Tessitore could join either Raw or a potential future broadcast team for the upcoming move of Monday Night Raw to Netflix.

Impact on the WWE Announce Team

Tessitore’s arrival adds another layer of depth and experience to the WWE’s announce team. His background in sports broadcasting could bring a fresh perspective to the way matches are called, potentially appealing to a wider audience. Whether he works alongside established voices like Michael Cole or teams up with younger talents, Tessitore’s presence is sure to generate excitement.

A New Era for WWE Commentary?

The hiring of Tessitore signals a potential shift in the WWE’s commentary style. His energetic approach could inject a new level of excitement into the broadcast, appealing to younger viewers who might not be familiar with traditional play-by-play announcers. This move could be part of a broader WWE strategy to further enhance the entertainment value of their product.

Fan Reactions and Anticipation

The news of Tessitore’s arrival has been met with a mix of reactions from the WWE Universe. Some fans are excited to see a new voice on the commentary team, while others are curious about how he will adapt to the unique world of professional wrestling. One thing is certain: Joe Tessitore’s arrival in the WWE has ignited a wave of anticipation, with fans eager to see how his signature style translates to the squared circle.

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