I thoroughly enjoyed the Punjabi Prison match at Battleground, but I am done with this feud overall. I feel like Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton rivalry has run its course. Jinder has beaten Randy Orton on 3 consecutive PPV’s. I get it Jinder had help from the Singh Brothers and The Great Khali every time, but I think we are approaching overkill.
Smackdown Live is filled with superstars who can compete for the WWE Championship. I wouldn’t be mad if Randy Orton took an extended vacation. I am just really ready for this rivalry to be over. I do not want another Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton match at Summer Slam. Please WWE let this be the finale of this feud. How many rematches is Randy Orton going to get?
I also do not want this to be the return of The Great Khali. His matches are really hard to watch I mean really unbearable. It was great to see him make an appearance at a match that basically created for him.


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