Hillary is ready to tell us about what happened during the 2016 campaign. The book is set to be released September 12, 2017.
It doesn’t matter what political party you represent you have to be interested in this book if you follow politics at all. The book is being called a tell-all from Hillary’s point of view. A full year will not have passed before Hillary is ready to tell us what really happened.
Hillary is about to run right into a pile of money, the best-sellers list and a mean tweet from president trump.
To be honest I don’t want to hear Hillary playing the victim. I want her to come from a vulnerable side where she admits the thing she did wrong or could have done better. I want to hear how she felt about the Obama’s during her campaign. I guess I am saying I really want a tell all book and not the politically right tell all.

I actually like the cover art, I am a really less is more kind of person.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Is Releasing a Book Called What Happened”

  1. here’s the “What Happened”:
    dems had no message, no realtime agenda, no credibility, no ethics, no common sense. The dnc encouraged violence, hate, racism, a war on women, guns, police, Christianity and educational standards, to name but a few. Leftists provided no accountability for themselves, acted irresponsibly, and criminally while shirking the facts and the truth about muslims, obama, obamacare, russia, the economy, taxes, socialism, globalism and most of all they lied about, omitted the truth about and falsely accused Donald Trump as a focus point to vilify Americans and Patriotism

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