According to SuperDate Research, Fortnite made $296 million in the month of April 2018.
Even though this is a ton of money, Epic Games may have some months in the future that exceeds their 2018 April earnings total. I am of the belief that when the game became available on iOS in March 2018, the exposure of the game skyrocketed. The game being free to play plays a part in how many users they have attracted to play the game.
Fortnite has announced they plan to make their game available on Android really soon. This is just going to take their accessibility through the roof.
I am pretty confident that Fortnite will make over $100 million every month for the rest of this year. The real question is will Fortnite stand the test of time? Is Fortnite just a fad and will someone make another battle royale style game that gamers flock to?
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