Elon Musk Reveals Plans For Mars City

I keep reminding people that Elon Musk is super serious about going and living on the Planet Mars in the near future. Musk has revealed some visual concepts of what a Mars City can potentially look like. The goal is to get a colony of humans on Mars as soon as the year 2024. There is also plans to send 2 cargos missions in the year 2022. The trips will be essential for making sure life can be supported on Mars. Things like sources of water and creating infrastructure would be the priority for those trips.
Wanting to go to Mars and getting to Mars are two different things. Elon Musk seems to have that covered as well. Musk wants to build a spaceship that will have the ability to travel at over 16,000 MPH. The rocket is predicted to take 5 years to complete
SpaceX also has plans on creating a lunar base in the near future and release concept art to show how it would look.

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