Bhad Bhabie Released A New Song And Video Titled “Hi Bich”

Bhad Bhabie has set the internet on fire. After the release of her song “These Heaux” It has been reported that she now has a record deal with Atlantic Records. Before you even had the time to call her a one-hit wonder, She dropped another song and video called “Hi Bich”. 2 days after the video is released she compiled over 4 million views on YouTube.

Bhad Bhabie also put one verse of another song at the end of the video what is called “Whachu Know”. It doesn’t matter that she is 14 nor does it matter if she is saying things that aren’t true. She is attracting attention with her music and people like. She also a lot of detractors which is good for exposure. I also think the way she is misspelling things is all intentional.

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