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Travis Scott Finally Releases a Video to Goosebumps

It took him long enough. I have been waiting for a video for Goosebump fo a while now. I got to the point where I thought the video was probably never going to come out. As most Travis Scott videos, it is not your normal rap music video. Check it out




Introducing YouTube Live

YouTube will begin to allow more user to use its new mobile live streaming feature. I guess Google decided that to not side on the side while Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offered mobile live streaming.


Unlike Facebook, YouTube will offer revenue sharing just like they do with users who post videos. Facebook actually paid celebrities and companies to use their live feature to generate interest. YouTube Revenue share is more for the average joe users who has a sizeable audience. I can see more companies big and small move over to YouTube mobile live streaming just for the revenue sharing feature that the other live streaming apps do not have.

The mobile live streaming market just got a little more crowded. What live streaming app will you use?