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50 Cent Has Two New Shows Coming To Crackle

Sony and 50 Cent have linked up to put to two drama TV series on Sony’s streaming service Crackle. The two shows are titled “The Oath” and “RPM”.

“The Oath” is a crime drama focuses on a gang where its members are forced to flip one another when law enforcement gets involved. This show was written and created by former L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy Joe Halpin, executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

“RPM” is a crime drama that is set in the working-class streets of Boston’s most corrupt neighborhoods following a used-car salesman who starts moonlighting as a getaway driver for a crime syndicate. “RPM” is produced by Adam Riback, Nick Phillips and Kelly Wagner.

“I am very excited to be partnering with Sony Pictures Television Networks and Crackle. To be able to bring this story to life is something I’m looking forward to and Joe Halpin’s personal experience will make this unlike anything that’s been seen before” – 50 Cent

“Curtis, G-Unit Film & Television Inc., Storied Media Group and Joe Halpin are the perfect team to take this extraordinarily fast-paced and complex narrative to Crackle’s passionate and engaged audience. This is the kind of unexpected storytelling that our viewers have come to expect and we look forward to breaking new ground with this new original drama,” – Eric Berger

I am excited to check out both shows when they are released. My favorite shows to watch on crackle is “comedians in cars getting coffee” and “Start Up”.  “comedians in cars getting coffee” will be moving to Netflix, so I guess crackle is reloading on original content.

I even tweeted crackle to find out the release date for “Start Up” season 2.


Shows You Should Be Watching

I stumbled across a show on a free streaming service called Crackle. Crackle is completely free streaming services you just have to put up with a few commercial during the movie or TV show you’re watching. You can access Crackle on your phone, tablet, computer, Apple TV, or streaming device.

The show Startup is about a girl who created a digital currency that can’t be hacked. She is eager to find investors so she can take this currency worldwide. She struggles with investor, friendships, and family along the way and finds herself in a world of turmoil while chasing her dream. The show takes place in Miami and shows the white-collar side all the way down to the slums of the hood. The season has 10 episodes and how it ended hints at the possibility of a second season.

I think the show is dope and I encourage you to check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.