Ben Carson Wants Trump To Help Cummings And Baltimore

Ben Carson spent 30 years in Baltimore when he was actively working as a pediatric neurosurgeon. During that time he said he felt uncomfortable sending kids back to homes that were infested with rodents.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary went on in his interview with Fox News and stated asked President Trump if he would be willing to help Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore.

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“You know while I was there I worked on a lot of issues with many politicians, including Elijah Cummings, you know particularly in terms of childhood education and improving the lives of the people. I don’t think Elijah Cummings is a bad person, I think he’s working hard to actually help people. And I certainly don’t think President Trump is a bad person, he’s working very hard. In fact, I asked him[President Donald Trump] today, ‘Would you be willing to work with Elijah Cummings to bring some relief to the people of Baltimore?’ He said he would be happy to,” – Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary

I hope President Donald Trump actually does help Elijah Cummings. If both parties actually continue to trade insults at each other publicly the only loser that comes out of this is the city of Baltimore.

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