Kevin Hart’s Netflix Special Wasn’t So Special

Kevin Hart’s new Comedy special, irresponsible was released on Netflix April 2, 2019. The first time I watched it I ended up falling asleep on it about 20 minutes into it. A lot of this was my fault because I decided to watch it super late at night. So I watched in full a few days later and I just felt the special was Mediocre, to say the least.

The Upside

I am not one of those people that ridicules Kevin Hart every chance I get nor am one of those people that say he is not funny. In fact, Kevin Hart is hilarious. The jokes told in the special were not bad jokes. I just felt like I heard those jokes before.

Kevin has always incorporated jokes about his family into his set. I guess now for me, I am looking for Kevin to opening up the subject matter of the things he talks about on stage.

I totally recommend watching the special on Netflix if you have watched it yet.

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons


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