What Were Bryce Harper’s Other Offers?

We all know by now that the Bryce Harper sweepstakes ended with him signing with the Phillies. The overall deal is worth $330 million for 13-years. The contract does not have an opt-out but it has a no-trade clause.

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But what other deals did Bryce Harper have on the table?


Along with the Phillies, there were a few other teams that were interested and even made an offer of their own. Bryce Harper was offered 10-years for $300 million from the Washington Nationals. This deal was on the table to him as soon as the 2018 season ended.

It really didn’t seem like the Nationals made a special effort to try to keep Bryce Harper. I also bet that Bryce Harper wasn’t too happy with the idea that the Nationals were listening to offers from him during the 2018 trade deadline.


The San Francisco Giants was one of the more silent bidders in the Bryce Harper Sweepstakes. The Giants show so serious interest the closer we got to the start of Spring Training.

They offered Harper 12-year for $310 million. This deal would have paid Harper $25.8 million per season. This is close to what he will get from the Phillies. Harper would instantly make the Giants a better team, but even with Harper, the Giants were not a playoff contender.


The Los Angeles Dodgers essential backed up the money truck to try to sign Bryce Harper. Unlike the Phillies, Giants, and Nationals, The Dodgers had no interest in a long term deal. They did offer Bryce Harper a deal of more than 5 years.

The Dodgers offered Harper 4-years $172 or $180 million. They also offered a 5-years $215 million deal. Any of these deals would have paid Harper $43 to $45 million per season.


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