Movie Review – Fighting With My Family


I had the privilege of getting access to an early screening of “Fighting With My Family” And I have to say I don’t regret it. “Fighting With My Family” is a biography/wrestling movie that captures the true story of WWE superstar Paige journey from Norwich, England to becoming a WWE superstar.

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Prior to seeing this film, I was aware of Paige coming from a wrestling family, but I had very little context about the details of that. After seeing the movie I have no choice but to believe that wrestling is embedded in the families DNA. The family actually have their own wrestling promotion called World Association of Wrestling that is currently active.

The film overall is the classic underdog feel-good story. What I found the most compelling about the movie is you don’t necessarily have to be a wrestling fan to truly enjoy this movie. The true story is interesting enough to keep you engaged plus the pacing of the storytelling is done just right.

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Outside of Florence Pugh who plays Paige in the movie and did an amazing job, There are two characters that stuck out to me in this movie. The character Hutch who is a WWE wrestling coach played by actor Vince Vaughn and Paige’s father Ricky Knight who is played by Nick Frost. These two characters were undoubtingly the comic relief in the film and they had incredible comedic timing. I think the beautiful part is both characters never shared a scene in the movie.

Fighting With My Family overall was a well-produced movie it will it now leaves the door for more WWE stories to be told on the big screen. This film will be in theaters February 14, 2019, and I think it is worth the price of admission. The movie is rated PG-13, but I didn’t see enough that I would bring kids of all ages to watch this movie.



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