Jay Inslee Plans To Run For President In 2020

The number of Democratic candidates for the 2020 election is growing rapidly. Washington Governor Jay Inslee is the latest of the Democrats to put their name in the hat to run for president in the year 2020.

By Jay Inslee – Apollo’s Fire: Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy: 2nd (second) Edition

Inslee thinks he can build a winning presidential campaign focused on climate change. I am not surprised to hear Jay Inslee feel so strongly about climate change or the environment in general. But someone around him needs to tell him running a campaign based around climate change is a bad idea. Did he not see how that worked out for Al Gore in the 2000 election?

I would admit that the awareness of climate control is the highest it’s ever been. The problem is based on information gathered by the top environmental scientist in the world, I am under the impression that it is too late “save the planet” so to speak.

The last two elected presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump put a strong focus on immigration. I believe that focus on immigration won them their elections. For whatever reason Americans seem to care about immigration a lot.

Jay Inslee for President 2020 campaign tshirt

I know Jay Inslee is passionate about the environment and climate control, but running a campaign with climate control in the forefront is a waste of time.


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