The Philadelphia Eagles Have A Beautiful Mess

After Nick Foles has led the Eagles to two straight victories over playoffs teams. Fans are calling for a role reversal where Foles should be the starter and Wentz should be the backup going forward.

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The Eagles have to beat Washington in week 17 and they will need the Chicago Bears to beat the Minnesota Vikings in order to make the playoffs.
I think Wentz should be the starter for the Eagles going forward. BUT! things can get interesting if the Eagles managed to get into the playoff and win 1 or 2 games. I am not getting into all of the “Foles Magic” crap but it is obvious that this Eagles team plays better with him at quarterback.

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Wentz is likely to get his massive contract extension at some point next year getting around $25 to $30 million per season. The problem is Foles has a mutual option of $20 million for the 2019 season. There is no way the Eagles give Wentz his extension and pay Foles to be a $20 million backup. This team has too many holes to invest an estimated $50 million into the quarterback position.
Foles is 29 years old and has even debating retiring from football a few years ago. Wentz is 25 and has not hit is peak yet. The answer is simple Wentz is your quarterback now and in the future. It doesn’t make sense to become a prisoner of the moment and Anointed Foles to be the starter after two games. What the Eagles have is a luxury of having a starting quarterback as a backup that they can go to.

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