Senate Passes Criminal Justice Reform Bill

The Senates have announced that they have drafted a criminal justice reform bill.

The Senates voted 87-12 in favor of the bill being pushed to Congress. Once it is passed by Congress the bill is designed to make the justice system much fairer going forward.

The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War

President Trump is in full support of the bill and the legislation with this criminal justice reform bill.

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“Criminal justice reform is about giving more Americans a chance at redemption. The House looks forward to sending it to the president to become law.” – Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House

One thing that stuck out to me was that this criminal justice reform bill will only affect federal prisoners. Federal prisoner only makes up 10% of the entire population of prisoners in America.

Rights, Race, and Reform: 50 Years of Child Advocacy in the Juvenile Justice System


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