The 6 Things I Hate About Christmas

I know people believe Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s not. I have developed a despicable taste for the December holiday to put it nicely.
Here is a list of the 6 things I hate about Christmas.

The Shopping

It really irks me to watch people rush to put their selves into debt. Spending money on gifts they don’t need with money they don’t have. According to Magnify Money people added an average of $1,056 of debt from Christmas shopping. This debt usually hangs around well past the new year. I guess nothing makes people happier than starter the new year with a load of debt.

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The Myth

The very fact that Christmas is based on a complete myth and we are all aware of it is strange to me. So a guy named Santa Claus lives in maybe the most unlivable place on earth, the North Pole. He has a collection of slave elves that make toys for him all year. So he can deliver them to all the children that he has managed to keep an eye on all year. Just to determine if they should get a gift or not. He will then get on his sleigh with flying reindeer and perform a breaking and entering across the globe.

The Songs

The 50 Greatest Songs of Christmas
I will always encourage the creator to create. If you have the talent to sing or write music then do it. But when are we going to finally write some new 21st century Christmas songs?

Every single year people sing the same Christmas carols over and over. There are an estimated 20 million Christmas carols out there but people are only choosing to sing the same 7 every year. I never want to hear Jingle bells every again.

The Trees

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Not only is putting a fake or real tree inside your home extremely bizarre. It’s also a fire hazard.
According to the U.S. Fire Administration and National Fire Protection Agency, on average per year, there are 240 Christmas trees that catch on fire and over 150 fires happen over the holidays due to decorative lights. You would think people would have gotten the hint by now.

The Fake Joy

Christmas is not as jolly and happy as people want to make it seem. Not everyone is walking around with the biggest smile on their face and are submerged in the holiday spirit. The holidays breeds a lot of anxiety, stress, and depression. All of the obligations that hovers around Christmas easily brings a dark cloud that some people are too naive to see.

“Holiday blues are a pretty common problem despite the fact that as a society, we see the holidays as a joyous time, many people feel depressed, which can be due to the increased stress that comes with the need to shop and the decreased time to exercise which gets put on the back burner during the holidays.” – Rakesh Jain, MD, director of psychiatric drug research at the R/D Clinical Research Center

The Weather

I like to consider myself a Northeast American through and through. I am used to getting 4 seasons with most of the time being either way too hot or way too cold. I don’t exactly attach a wonderful time of the year to freezing temperatures of December.
The very idea of a white Christmas disturbs me. I wouldn’t mind if I never saw snow fall ever again.


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