Ben Simmons Will Never Be A Good Shooter

Before I make my point I want to say I think Ben Simmons is a once in a generation talent. I also think as long as he is healthy he will have a long career filled with accolades. For god’s sake, the man is a 6’10 point guard with superior ball handling skills and in my eyes is one of the best passers in the NBA.

Ben Simmons will never develop a respectable jump shot. I am not of the beliefs that he even wants to develop a jump shot at this point. I understand Ben is young and has a long career ahead of him, but not many players get to the NBA and then learn how to shot.

LeBron James was not a great shooter early in his career but it was respectable and he clearly improved. I don’t even see Simmons trying to implement the jump shot into his game and he may not have the desire to do so.


I heard Ben Simmons say to the Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas that essential he can get to the rim whenever he wants. Although comments like that may come off as arrogant, the statement is true. It is very little the NBA can do once Ben Simmons decides to attack the basket. But the statement sparked an idea in my head. If Ben Simmons believes he can get to the basket whenever he wants, I don’t believe he has any urgency to work on the jump shot everyone wants him to have.

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Basically, I am saying Ben Simmons may never develop a jump shot because he does not want to and may not feel the need to.

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