Where Is Bray Wyatt?

The last time I saw Bray Wyatt was…… Now that I think about it I don’t remember the last time I saw Bray Wyatt on Raw. So I ask where the hell is Bray Wyatt?

WWE Elite Collection Series # 54 Bray Wyatt Action Figure

I’ve heard rumors of the Wyatt Family possible coming back most if not all of 2018. I would like to see that, but I would love to see it done well and with purpose and should even include Braun Stroman.

To tell the truth I hated the entire Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt feud. I hated, even more, the entire tag team reign of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. I actually think Bray has been booked terribly since he won the WWE Championship at the 2017 Elimination Chamber match.

Mark Crozer – WWE: Live In Fear (Bray Wyatt)

I am not one of those people that thinks Bray Wyatt needs a total rebrand. But I do think he needs a new angle like a sinister mission that does not attach him to one opponent at a time.

Unisex WWE Bray Wyatt Fireflies XL: Black


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