Ecosia Releases A Mini Documentary Called ‘Uganda’s New Forests’

Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees all over the world.  Every month Ecosia invest at least 80% of our surplus in tree planting projects all over the world.

Ecosia put together a documentary to document the effects that their reforestation project in Uganda affected the environment. I think this is the first of many documentaries to come from Ecosia.

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Climate change is not just a environmental issue. It’s also a matter of justice: those least responsible for climate change often suffer its worst consequences.

In Uganda, we met some of these people. Climate justice isn’t just about helping them adapt to a changing climate – through local tree-planting projects, for instance. It also requires us to listen to their stories, and to spread their message. That is what our mini-documentary aims to do.

When we decided to visit our reforestation project in Uganda, we did not expect these stories to be what they turned out to be: stories of resilience, innovation, and solidarity.



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