The Titanic II Will Set Sail In 2022

A replica of the Orginal Titanic ship will be ready to hit the Atlantic Ocean sometime in 2022. 

The Titanic II cost an estimated $500 million to build. The ship is expected to hold 3,300 just as the original Titanic did. The ship will have the same exact cabin layout as the original. This time around their will be plenty of lifeboats on the ship.


The Titanic II will have the benefits of modern technology. Along with lifeboats, the ship will also be equipped with a marine evacuation system. Instead of coal-fired boilers, the ship will have a Diesel-electric propulsion system.

RMS TITANIC Ship * April 14, 1912 * Colorized U.S. $2 Bill Genuine Legal Tender

The Titanic II will sail from Dubai to England and then trace the original route from Southampton England to New York City, New York.

Would you be interested in taking a voyage on the new and improved Titanic II?

The Titanic’s Last Known Photograph – 11×14 Unframed Art Print – Great Gift for People Who Are Fascinated by The Titanic


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