Canelo Beat Triple G In Split Decision

First off, I thought the fight was a hell of an entertaining fight. Both fighters showed up and gave a top notch performance.

I was one of those people that felt Canelo won the first fight that the judges determined to be a tie. In the rematch, the Judges gave Canelo the split decision victory over Triple G.

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Let me be clear. I did not think Canelo won this fight. I gave Gennady Golovkin the edge in the fight. I was absolutely shocked when I heard the Judges final scorecards. I thought Gennady Golovkin would get a unanimous decision.

I heard one of the commentators of the say that Canelo’s 12th rounds may have swayed some of the judges that ultimately gave him the split decision victory. I believe the question now is will there be a third fight?

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I thought both fights had bogus decisions and it is hard to not believe that a conspiracy is not going on, but I will digress on that. The stage is set for a third fight is both parties really want to make it happen. Actually, Cinco De Mayo 2019 might be the perfect date for Canelo vs Triple G 3. As mad as I am about both decision on both fights I will front and center for a third fight.

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