Nikolas Cruz Was A Former Mental Health Clinic Patient

First off I would like to extend my condolences to the families that lost a loved one due to this horrific act.

Nikolas opened fire on staff and students at Stoneman Douglas High School were he managed to kill 17 people and injured another 15. The 19-year-old is currently in law enforcement custody and is on suicide watch.

After a deeper dive into Nikolas Cruz, I find that the 19-year-old performing this school shooting was not a surprise at all. Let me explain. According to the Mayor of Broward County, Beam Furr. Cruz was getting help at a Mental Health Clinic but has not been there in over a year. Clearly, Cruz had some mental issue This was strike one for.

Cruz was adopted along with his brother to a family in Long Island. The parents knew Nikolas had an AR-15 but said they made him keep it in a cabinet and said they never saw him use the gun. This was strike two for me.

Students interviewed after the shooting stated that all Cruz talked about was weapons, violence, and hunting animals. Nikolas posted a picture on Instagram holding a pistol. Nikolas former math teacher, Jim Gard thought Cruz was a threat when he saw the kind of threat Cruz made to other students. The students had a running joke about Cruz shooting up the school simply how the way he acted by staying to himself and being weird in their eyes. This was strike three for me.

I believe Cruz had mental issues, but that in no way absolve from the crime he committed. Nikolas Cruz was charged with 17 counts of murder and I am expecting him to get an ultra life sentence. Nikolas was well aware of what he was doing needs to pay his debt to society.

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