McDonald’s Is Removing Cheeseburgers & Chocolate Milk From The Happy Meal

Over the last few years, McDonald’s has been making adjustments to their products in order to compete with the healthier fast food options out there.

One of their new changes is removing chocolate milk and cheeseburgers from their Happy Meals. This effort is to decrease the sugar and saturated fats that kids consume. The items will remain on the menu they just will be packaged with the Happy Meal.

This move from McDonald’s seems like an effort to battle child obesity. McDonald’s now has a standard of 600 calories for their Happy Meal options which explains getting rid of the cheeseburger and chocolate milk.

I am not sure if McDonald’s can ever shake being viewed as a fast food restaurant with unhealthy food. All things considered, McDonald’s do have quite a bit of healthy options now opposed to years ago.

MCDONALD’S Big Mac Sauce, 1 Count, 355ml/12.00 Ounces {Imported from Canada}

McDonald’s: Behind The Arches



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