Flipboard CEO Throws Shade At Apple News

Who would have thought there would be beef amongst news curation apps? To me, this is the equivalent  The New York Times VS the Washington Post.

Flipboard CEO, Mike McCue had some not so nice things to say about Apple News. Flipboard and Apple News are clearly in competition with each other for readers and publishers. Mike McCue believe the Apple News is not being progressive.

“Apple News as a product is living in the past,” McCue said. There’s “no social” sharing capability, “no curation happening, it’s algorithmic, and it’s another format that publishers have to adopt. We’re not trying to create a closed ecosystem And that’s a big deal for publishers.” – Mike McCue, Flipboard CEO

McCue is right about when he says the closed ecosystem is a big deal for publishers. When I publish on Apple News I have to adjust my content considerably. But a “closed ecosystem” is really Apple’s way of doing things.

McCue comments about Apple News also tells me he sees Apple News as a real threat to Flipboard. Even if the things he is saying about Apple are true, Flipboard might need to make some adjustment to remain the top news curation app.

With that being said, please check out my Apple News channel as well as my Flipboard magazine.

Google Play Newsstand

Apple News





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