50 Ways To Make Reference To Oral Sex

The way my brain is set up, I thought it would be funny to try to come up with 50 ways to make reference oral sex.  Some of these you have heard before some you probably have not.

Check it out

  1. iPod
  2. Mouth Traffic
  3. Dome
  4. Face
  5. Bobblehead
  6. Tongue Dance
  7. Lip service
  8. A Whirly
  9. a little off the top
  10. A facial
  11. Oral
  12. Throat deposit
  13. Wet Job
  14. sloppy toppy
  15. slob on my knob
  16. head
  17. jaw jacking
  18. Some trim
  19. drool job
  20. Slobber knocker
  21. Lockjaw
  22. deep throat
  23. The gag show
  24. Brain
  25. Mouth sex
  26. A blowy
  27. Gums
  28. Chewy
  29. A Chewbacca
  30. Neck labor
  31. A sunrise
  32. A gobbler
  33. Slurpy
  34. The dirty job
  35. Food for thought
  36. A thinkpiece
  37. A Lewinsky
  38. Fellatio
  39. Tongue bomb
  40. Happy ending
  41. muff diving
  42. Playing the Skin flute
  43. Sword swallowing
  44. A mouthful
  45. speaking on the mic
  46. A Shinner
  47. A licker
  48. A sucker
  49. Spit shine
  50. Soaker

You’re Welcome!

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