Sporting Events To Look Forward To After The Super Bowl

After the final NFL game of the season, sports fans seem to feel the blues. They subscribe to the thinking that Sports are about to go through a dry spell until MLB season starts and NBA playoffs begin.

I am here to tell you that there are plenty of great sporting event taking place after Super Bowl.

2018 Winter Olympics February 9th – 25th – Yes it’s been 4 years and the 2018 Winter Olympics is set to take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. I will be locked into this event if not for anything else just to route for the USA in every event. I also heard a lot about the outfits designed by Ralph Lauren were pretty good.

NBA All-Star Weekend 16th-18th – The NBA All-Star weekend is always circled on the calendar every year. You get the best basketball player in one arena past and present. You the 3 point shooting contest and the slam dunk contest. And this year is the first year with a team draft, not just East vs West in the All-Star Game.

Danny Garcia VS Brandon Rios February 17th – If you’re a boxing fan you gotta be excited to see Danny “Swift” Garcia back in the ring. Garcia’s last bout was a good fight against Keith “one-time” Thurman. I fully expect Garcia to win this fight, but Rios believes he has what it takes to pull off the upset.

WWE Elimination Chamber PPV February 25th – It has been announced the 2018 Elimination Chamber will have the first ever all-women Elimination Chamber match. The Elimination Chamber is one of WWE’s most intense matches of the year. It is highly likely that the titles will change hands on this night.

WWE: Elimination Chamber 2015

Swift Danny Garcia autographed Everlast Boxing Glove – Autographed Boxing Gloves

A Kid’s Guide to the 2018 Winter Games

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Adidas 2017 NBA All Star Swingman Jersey


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