Russian Fighter Jet Shoot Down In Syria

A Syrian militant group shoots a Russian fighter jet in northwest Idlib province in Syria. The Pilot managed to eject from the jet before it hit the ground, but the Pilot was killed once he landed. The Russian Pilot was in an SU-25 fighter jet.

The Associated Press reported that the Russian Pilot was killed because he resisted being captured and opened fire at the militant group which led to his death. The Syrian militant group is suspected to be linked to Al-Qaeda.

Russia Defense Ministry confirmed that the pilot communicated back to Russia that he had to eject the plane due to being shot down by Syrian militant group.

The Russia Defense Ministry is making effort to retrieve the body of the pilot.

I can’t help but think this has something to do with Turkey’s “Olive Branch” Operation. Maybe Russia was trying to provide some assistance to Turkey since 13 Turkish soldiers died on this day fighting in northwest Syria.

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