The Migos Culture II Album Is Trash

I feel like no one is saying it but most of us are thinking it. This Migos Culture II album is trash.

I got it, the rap group is ultra successful, they are likable, their music catalog speaks for itself. They have a ton of hit records under their belt, they have had a heavy influence on the ‘Culture’ of rap today with many artists choosing to use their rap or flow pattern. I was even one of those people who liked the first Culture album more than I expected.

To be honest this album sounds like a bunch of songs they recorded in a short time span. Having 24 tracks I am sure will help inflate the streaming number, but most of the songs sound exactly like the like the song that just went off.

I listened to this album completely twice, one time in order and one time on shuffle. That made no difference what so ever. The album still sounded like the same song, same flow, same beat type over and over again. I should have seen this coming when they released Motorsport which song like a thrown together to record. I don’t think people would even pay much attention to the Motorsport song if Cardi B and Nicki Minaj weren’t on the song.

According to, the Culture II album sold an estimated 34,000 units. This isn’t particularly bad news. In January 2017 Migos dropped the Culture album and it was certified platinum by July 2017. So the first week sales of Culture II is not a measure of success for this project. I can see this Culture II album being a slow burn as well and ultimately be certified platinum at some point this year.

Culture II [Explicit]

Stir Fry [Explicit]

Supastars [Explicit]


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