2018 NBA All-Star Selection Prediction

I am aware that the NBA All-Star rosters will not be formed simply by putting the east up against the west in the 2018 All-Star Game. But 12 players will still be selected from each conference and team captains will pick their team out of a pool of All-Stars.

Here is the player I believe will be All-Star status.

Players selected from the East

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G Kyrie Irving

G DeMar DeRozan

F Lebron James

F  Giannis Antetokounmpo

F Joel Embiid

G John Wall

G Victor Oladipo

F Kristaps Porzingis

F Kevin Love

F  Andre Drummond

F Al Horford

G Ben Simmons

Players selected from the West

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G Steph Curry

G James Harden

F Paul George

F Kevin Durant

F Anthony Davis

G Russel Westbrook

G Chris Paul

F DeMarcus Cousins

F Karl Anthony-Towns

F Draymond Green

G Klay Thompson

G Lou Williams

2018 NBA All-Stars Wall Calendar

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