McDonald’s Revamps The Dollar Menu

McDonald’s is bringing in the new year with their all-new Dollar Menu. The official name is the “$1 $2 $3 menu”. The new menu is set to be live January 4, 2018, but some stores have already made the menu available to the public.

In a world where there are plenty of healthy fast food options fast food restaurants like McDonald’s I believe needs to have these low-cost items on their menu. One thing people don’t talk about much is how costly it is to eat healthy all the time.


Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s

I am kind of upset that the famous McDonald’s fries are not on this menu.

What do you think about the new dollar menu?

MCDONALD’S Big Mac Sauce, 1 Count, 355ml/12.00 Ounces {Imported from Canada}

McDonald’s: Behind The Arches


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