Interview| Janet Campbell The Owner Of Soyful Aroma

I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of Soyful Aroma, Janet Campbell. You can learn more about Soyful Aroma here. We talked about Soyful Aroma candles, being a business, the quality of candles and more.


As consumers, how do we know we are buying a quality candle? Is it as
simple as the more it cost the better it is?

I wouldn’t say that it is as simple as “the more money costs the better it
is”. I’ve purchased expensive candles in the past and was left disappointed and
I’ve purchased averagely priced candles and it’s been hit
or miss. I think focusing on the cost is a mistake that consumers
sometimes make and what they really end up buying is the brand name.
As a consumer purchasing candles, I let my senses help me decide.
First I use my nose. When I smell a scented candle I really inhale and
take in the aroma rather than just a quick sniff it. I’m looking to see if I
can smell it when the top is taken off, or the box is opened. I’m trying to
see if I can pick up on the various notes. Can I smell the candle without
putting my nose all in it lol?
Next, I’m reading the label. I’m checking to see who made it (is it a brand
that I’ve heard positive things about), what type of wax is it, and possibly
the type of fragrances used. The type of wax makes a big difference in
how the candle will burn and how much fragrance it can hold. Is it made
from paraffin wax, soy wax, a soy/paraffin wax blend, or beeswax (this
also affects costs)? The type of oil used to scent the candle plays a huge
part in the quality of the candle. For example, there are fragrance oils
(synthetic but are sometimes stronger), essential oils, and perfume oils.
I all just depends on your preference.
Lastly, I’m feeling the wax. Is it smooth to the touch or is it gritty? Soy
wax, by nature, will sometimes frost after a while (turn white), but this
should not affect how it will burn or smell. I’ll even check to see if I can
smell the scent on my finger that I rubbed across the top of the wax.

This may seem like “a lot”, but it’s really a quick critique of the candle
before buying it. You can never really know exactly how well a candle
will smell until you burn it, but these tips have helped me in the past to
purchase quality candles. Word of mouth is also a great way to
purchase a quality candle.

Talk to me about your process, how do you come up with your recipes
when you’re creating your candles?

I really try to pick aromas that will evoke certain emotions or moods that
support my mission to encourage self-care. Some of my current
collection was created by me smelling a certain aroma and it
immediately made me feel a certain way. Others took more time and
involved a lot of trial and error with blending aromas until I had the
perfect ratio and scent. With all candles, there is a lot of testing. I have a
small focus group who test my candles and I mix it up so that they are
testing and sampling aromas that I know they’ll love as well as ones that
they might not normally choose. It’s definitely a process and a labor of

What are some of your challenges as a business owner?

Some of my challenges as a business owner have been learning and
acquiring business skills. My education and work experience have all
been centered around Social Services (helping others), so business
management is foreign to me. My passion and joy come from making
candles and hearing from my consumers about how much they’ve
enjoyed their candle. Tasks such as ordering supplies, managing
expenses, building the brand, marketing, social media, blogging, etc. are
all my least favorite parts of being a business owner. It’s also
challenging for me because I work full-time, so I’m constantly trying to
balance and juggle between my two passions.

Which Soyful Aroma candles is your personal favorite?

To be honest, it really depends on my mood, but if I had to pick I would
say that Joy, Me Time, and Desire are the ones that I gravitate to the
most. Joy is very uplifting and refreshing, while Me Time is perfect when
I just want to relax and escape from my day for a while. Desire is a warm
and cozy aroma that’s perfect for the Fall/Winter season or anytime.

On website, you made reference to candles having the ability to “uplift moods” I want you to refer a Soyful Aroma candle for different settings?

Taking a bath?

Me Time

Reading a book at home?


When you have a lot of guests over for the holidays?

Indulgence or Desire. Or from the limited edition Fall in Love with Soyful Aromas
Collection – Orange Spice or Pomegranate Cider

Desire or IndulgenceUntitled drawing (5)

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