Thor Ragnorak Review – Spoiler Alert

The 3rd and possibly last Thor movie titled Thor Ragnarök was a good movie, let me get that out of the way. I believe I was so excited by the promotion layout of this movie I expected great, and that’s why I am just saying it is a “good” movie.

Initially, I wanted just write about what I liked and didn’t like, but instead, I will just tell you guys the major events I think that matters in this movie.

Thor loses his eye in a fight with Hela and now wears a patch over his eye like Odin. Miljnor seems to really be gone and was barely made reference to once Hela destroyed. The Stan Lee cameo come when they forced Thor to cut his hair.

Dr. Strange scene was brief but funny and compiling.  He helped Thor and Loki find Odin simply because he did not want Loki on earth for much longer. It’s clear that Dr. Strange is the sorcerer supreme at this point.

Loki really played a small role in the outcome of the events in this movie. I believe they could have done this movie with much less of him. Loki was spotting briefly with the Tesseract.

Hela was my favorite character in the movie. She embodied the idea of what the goddess of death should look and sound like. I would love to see her and Thanos dynamic where in the comics, she is the love interest of Thanos.

Heimdall had much more action in this movie than the Thor and Thor 2. Heimdall was really the guy protecting the Asgard citizens from Hela who wanted to kill them, because well she’s the goddess of death.

Valkyrie starts out against Thor but is later convinced to fight for Asgard. Hela killed the entire Valkyrie army except for Valkyrie known as Brunnhilde.

Hulk was in the movie more than I thought he would be. Hulk had some comedy moments I thought was really funny. They didn’t really show in detail how he ended up on Sakaar. The story goes that Banner turned into Hulk for two years. He snapped out of being Hulk and back to banner when he saw a video of Black Widow.

Surtur destroyed Asgard and now the remaining Asgardians are now on a giant spaceship looking for a new home. The post credit scene shows an obvious lead into Avengers Infinity war.

I have a hard time believing that there will not be a Thor 4 at some point down the line.

Thor: Ragnarok (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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