One Month With Xfinity Mobile

So after I found out about Xfinity Mobile and that it might actually be a good deal, I decided to get their service for myself. I got tons of feedback from people who were using Xfinity Mobile already saying that they were not having the best experience so far.

Xfinity Mobile was created to compete with services like Google’s Project Fi, Which I also have with the Nexus 5X. Project Fi offers a $10 per gig plan along with unlimited call and text for $20/month. Xfinity Mobile offers $12 per gig with unlimited call and text for free if you’re a Xfinity cable or internet customer. If you don’t have Xfinity TV, Internet, or Voice you will be charged $10 for call and text services. Xfinity also gives you 100 MB of shared data each month.

Xfinity Mobile gives you the chance to get any of the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung with their service. I was lucky enough to take advantage of a limited time deal they were offering. I managed to get the LG X charge for $1 plus tax.


Since I managed to not use over 100 MB of data that they give you in my first month my first month’s bill was $3.55.


That is even cheaper than what I early reported on Project Fi as my cheapest phone bill ever. At this rate, I can possibly pay $42.60 total for 12 months of Xfinity Mobile service. I am not sure what other company can beat that price under the same conditions.

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