I Wish Twitter Existed When….

  1. U.S. Draft in 1940’s
  2. O.J Simpson Case
  3. DC Sniper
  4. 9/11 Terror attack
  5. Pearl Harbor Attack
  6. 95′ Source Awards
  7. When Benedict Aronald traded sides
  8. Dr. Martin Luther King “I have Dream” Speech
  9. The year 2000 Presidential Election
  10. Rodney King incident
  11. Janet Jackson 2004 Super Bowl Performance
  12. The Black Sox Scandal in 1919
  13. During Apollo 11
  14. Lewis & Clark Exploration
  15. John Elway’s 98 Yard Drive
  16. The Signing of The Declaration of Independence
  17. Joe Namath Guaranteed Super Bowl win
  18. 1992 LA Riot
  19. When Thriller video was released
  20. 1929 stock market crash
  21. Prohibition
  22.  Pearl Harbor
  23. Martin The TV Show was on
  24. Owen Hart’s Fatal Fall

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